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the Carver Surname   The surname "Carver" . . . .

The Carver Family has been prominent . . .
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our Family Tree   The prime researcher of this Carver Tree, and related surname families featured in this Web site is Donald W. Roberts Jr.   Don was born in South Dakota, and spent most of his life in the St. Louis, MO area since age nine.   Don's roots run deep in South Dakota, as childhood summer vacations always included 4th of July gatherings of all the descendants of his Cutler grandparents in Wessington Springs, SD.

Both of Don's parents were born and raised in South Dakota.   His mother's grandparents Rev. Justin Kent Richardson and Artemisia E. Richardson (nee Carver), each brought Mayflower ancestors to this Family Tree through the Cutler branch.
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key Carver Ancestors

Robert Carver of Marshfield . .   was born About 1594 in Lincolnshire, England and is the progenitor of this American Carver Family.   He came to Marshfield MA, and is often referred to as Robert Carver of Marshfield.   He was the nephew of Capt. John Carver, a Mayflower passenger and the first Governor of Plymouth Colony.
Issac Carver was born 22 Apr 1775 . .   (More to be added.)
Master John Carver . .   was born 10 Nov 1799 in Prospect ME and died 10 Nov 1867 in New York NY.   John married Elizabeth Todd.   Their children were:
      Capt. Charles Gordon
      Capt. John Alexander
      Mary E.
      Capt. George Albert
      Capt. Andrew Leach
      Ellen J.
      Emily L.
      Cyrus H.
Of the early ship builders, and there were many, John Carver was outstanding.   Master-builder John Carver, the eighth generation of the American branch of the Carver family, inherited a shipbuilding tradition and followed in the footsteps of the preceding generations of his family, as a shipbuilder and shipowner.   The list of vessels constructed in the family yard is impressive.   The ship John Bunjan, 647 tons, built in the Carver yard in 1850, was the first vessel in Searsport constructed from a full set of moulds which was a major change in the methods of building a ship at the time.   Thirty years was a long life span for a ship yet some of the Searsport vessels greatly exceeded this.   The John C Potter, for example, was still in service after 65 years.
Capt. John Alexander Carver . .   was born 2 Nov 1829 in Prospect ME and died 6 Dec 1902 in Searsport ME .   He was the son of Master John Carver and Elizabeth Todd.   He married Lydia P. Gilkey 15 Dec 1850 at Great Falls, NH.   Their children were:
      Leanora J.
      Grace M.
      Hattie and Henry (twins).
John captained the following: Sch. Tennessee, 1846, 1852; Ship John Bunyan, 1863; Bark Fannie, 1865; Sch. William Butman, 1871-72; Brig. Amy A. Lane, 1884-86; Brig. Kentucky.
Artemisia E. Carver . .   was born 7 Nov 1851 and died 17 Oct 1949 in Wessington Springs SD.   She married Rev Justin Kent Richardson 26 Jun 1877 in her parents home in Searsport ME.   Both were descended from Mayflower passengers, she from Edward Doty and he from William Brewster.   Their children were:
      Elizabeth Hobart
      Phillip G.
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