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the Cutler Surname   The surname "Cutler" . . . .

The Cutler Family has been prominent . . .
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our Family Tree   The prime researcher of this Cutler Tree, and related surname families featured in this Web site is Donald W. Roberts Jr.   Don was born in South Dakota, and spent most of his life in the St. Louis, MO area since age nine.   Don's roots run deep in South Dakota, as childhood summer vacations always included 4th of July gatherings of all the descendants of his Cutler grandparents in Wessington Springs, SD.

Both of Don's parents were born and raised in South Dakota.   His mother's grandparents Rev. Justin Kent Richardson and Artemisia E. Richardson (nee Carver), each brought Mayflower ancestors to this Family Tree.
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key Cutler Ancestors

John Cutler . .   was born in 1600 in Sprowston (now Sprauston), Norfolk Co., England and is the progenitor of this American Cutler Family.   It is believed that he embarked in the Rose of Yarmouth, William Andrews, Jr., master, which set sail on or about 18 Apr 1637 and arrived in Boston, MA on 8 Jun 1637.   Daniel Cushing, Esq., the town cleark of Hingham, MA certifies that John Cutler and family arrived a little before, or on 10 Jun 1637.   He died in Feb 1638 before he had much time to make his mark in America.
William Caleb Cutler . .
  the seventh generation descendant of John Cutler/1600, was born 22 Jan 1852 in Canton, IL., into a very successful Hancock County, IL farming and livestock family.   He married in Carthage IL in 1875, and prior to the birth of their third child, they moved to Centerville, IA, where he was a master mechanic in the Burlington shops for 23 years.   After living for a time in Wessington Springs, SD where his son and family resided, he moved to a farm in Lusk, WY where he became one of the best known and most prominent farmer-ranchers of the area.   He died at the home of his daughter Alethea on 13 Nov 1919, shortly after his youngest daughter Mary was married, and was buried in the Lusk, WY cemetery
William "Alden" Cutler . .
  was born 8 Sep 1876 in Canton, IL, and spent his boyhood in Centerville, IA.   He taught country school one year and then entered the Spanish American war.   He enrolled for two years on 26 April 1898 and served as Corporal, Co. E, 50th Regiment of the Iowa Infantry Volunteers.   He was honorably mustered out on 30 Nov 1898.   Later he would spend a year with the Red Cross in France during World War I.   After graduating from Des Moines College and then from the State University of Iowa Law College, he moved to Wessington Springs, SD where he spent over 50 years as a lawyer and county Judge.   He was very active in civic, school and church affairs.   He died on 26 Dec 1957 and was buried in the Prospect Hill Cemetary, Wessington Springs, SD.
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